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Didgeman - didgeridoo music

Choosing your didgeridoo
Didgeman identifying mark and number. Didgeridoos for sale

  • Didgeman makes beautiful didgeridoos in a range of timbers, finishes, sizes and keys.

  • Every Didgeman didgeridoo is uniquely numbered and marked for identification.

  • Your first didgeridoo should be in the 1.2 to 1.4 metre range, putting it in the key of D or C.

  • Your second and third didgeridoos should be higher in pitch, in the key of E or F or lower in pitch, in the key of B, Bb or A.

  • Very long didgeridoos in the key of low G or very short didgeridoos in the key of high G are for advanced players.
    More information on choosing a didgeridoo
  • Purchase a Didgeman didgeridoo

    See and hear our current range of didgeridoos
    Didgeman didgeridoos of different wood, art and finish. Custom made didgeridoos.

  • As a Didgeman customer, you can have much input into the design of your new didgeridoo.

  • Some customers actually choose the log from which their didgeridoo will be made.

  • You can specify or design the artwork on your new didgeridoo choosing from pyro (burned) work, ochre painting or other.

  • You can specify the finish; natural, matt, satin or gloss.

  • You can specify the size and/or key.
    Custom didgeridoo prices
  • Plastic didgeridoo 1.2 metres x 40 mm Plastic didgeridoos

  • Your entry level didgeridoo can be a Didgeman PVC instrument.

  • Most Didgeman students begin playing on these.

  • They are cheap, light, transportable and hygenic.
    Plastic didgeridoo prices